Business for eTrade Development has been launched in 2017 alongside the UNCTAD-led eTrade for All initiative as the premier private sector voice to help developing country governments, international agencies, and leading donors optimize public policies and aid allocations for ecommerce development and cross-border ecommerce worldwide.

Leveraging the knowledge, data, insight of the global private sector powering ecommerce, we work to:

  • Systematically surface and articulate private sector views on the gains from ecommerce and priority challenges to ecommerce development, so as to help governments, donors, and agencies prioritize efforts on ecommerce development in any one country.
  • Architech and disseminate fresh solutions the private sector sees as key to undoing bottlenecks to ecommerce – through ideating policies, programs, and new development interventions and models on ways to drive ecommerce development.
  • Actively facilitate the creation of public-private partnerships to advance ecommerce worldwide, such as in SME capacity-building, empowerment of women in commerce, and “etrade” facilitation.
  • Tool the private sector in developing countries with new data, ideas, and global best practices to best articulate their views on priorities for ecommerce development in their countries and regions.
  • Through rigorous data and metrics, monitor countries’ progress on ecommerce development throughout the world.

Business for eTrade Development and its contributors are proven thought leaders in ecommerce development.

We don’t just talk – rather, setting concrete goals for ecommerce development, tracking progress with rigorous analytics and metrics, and ideating “outside the box” solutions, Business for eTrade Development works toward a world that is:

Where there is no difference between selling or buying domestically vs. internationally.
Where any person or business can sell and buy goods and services online anywhere, regardless of its location.
Where every business is surrounded by the same enabling environment for eCommerce as its most developed country peers.

Business for eTrade, Inc.

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