LOCATION: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

EXPORTS: Worldwide

EMPLOYEES: 7 full-time, 40 part-time



What began in 2009 as a small venture of creating unique gifts from batik fabric to sell at local Bazaars, family and friends, quickly moved to a recognized brand – The Batik Boutique – with an online store and effective social media marketing campaigns. Today, Batik Boutique does some white label manufacturing as well as wholesale to fair trade companies in the US and has more than 50 artisans gaining fair, sustainable income and marketable skills. PayPal has been a big part of the business since the launch of the website online store in 2012, enabling the owners to conduct effortless and time efficient cross-border transactions. The company has continued its swift growth, expecting to double this year after growing by 80% last year and 100% the year before.

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